An empowering weekend for Breast Cancer Survivors

Our retreats are offered several times a year to breast cancer survivors in York Region. The unique inspirational and empowering weekend is created for breast cancer survivors who have completed their active treatments, whether that was last year or 10 years ago. The retreats are designed by breast cancer survivors for breast cancer survivors. Each of the retreat is taking place in a beautiful natural setting and provides holistic education through an interactive program. The aim of the weekend is to support breast cancer survivors on their healing journey by nourishing the body, mind and spirit. Women will have an opportunity to learn about ways they can manage their health, and share their experiences and stories in a safe environment with those walking in a similar path. We believe every women deserves this opportunity for a true soul healing experience and to the new possibilities of wellness and to embrace being a breast cancer thriver.

Our programs support women on their journey to wellness by fostering health and well-being through a unique mixture of nourishing approaches such as hands-on yoga and meditation practices; educational workshops on healthy living; facilitated group discussions; creative arts and outdoor adventures. Dragonfly Wellness Retreat will offer practical information, tools and knowledge applicable to everyday life.

Our retreats offer:
  • An intimate setting with skilled professional staff
  • An opportunity to explore your unique choices in healing
  • A nurturing environment for mind, body, and spirit
  • Skills and tools for your continuing journey
  • Community and the unique support of people who are going through a similar experience
  • An intimate setting with skilled professional staff
  • An intimate setting with skilled professional staff
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    The group will be staying in both the Edgar House and Fensom Cottage; both facilities are located at Loretto Maryholme. All bedrooms are double rooms with 2 twin beds. If you would like to share a room with someone you know who is also attending the retreat, please indicate below:

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